Booster Juice


If you’re even remotely interested in health and wellness, or have an active Pinterest account, I’m sure that juicing has been on your radar for quite some time. It certainly has been on mine and like many, I was more than a little bit skeptical. After doing my due diligence and looking into it a bit (and also after watching a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead), I decided to make my first foray into juicing by purchasing a bottle of kale, pineapple, and orange juice from a Toronto juice bar. Staring at the green contents made me less than excited, but I gave it a try and was surprised to note that it was actually…kind of tasty? Excited about the possibilities that could ensue I suggested (asked, begged), that my parents buy me a juicer for Christmas. Having received it a couple of weeks early I was keen to experiment. With little juicing knowledge of my own I decided to use a quick guide from a friend (seen below), and blended my own version of “Greens 2″.


The wonderful thing about juicing is that you can pack an inordinate amount of nutrients into one single glass. Like THIS many!!


The key is to remember that when you juice you are still getting the bulk of the calories and sugars in your drink, so I would suggest focusing on lower calorie (but high nutrient) veggies, and adding in a sweeter fruit or two to prevent it from tasting too bitter. I also love the idea of using leafy greens like kale, parsley, and spinach, however being leaves they don’t yield too much juice. The majority of my juice came from the cucumber, celery, and apple.


I wound up getting a centrifugal juicer, (also known as a “fast” juicer), because they are efficient and easy to clean. They also tend to be more economical. I’m sure that if I get really into it, however, I might feel the itch to purchase a “slow” masticating juicer.

How did my first home juicing attempt turn out? I wound up preparing my juice at around 5:00pm as an intended snack prior to dinner. I don’t want to come off sounding like “one of those people”, however, I truly felt a jolt of energy almost instantaneously after having a few sips. It is quite honestly more effective than a caffeine shot at waking you up! I was also quite shocked to discover that at 9:00pm (four hours later) I still was not hungry for dinner. This was the most miraculous part for me, as I am one of those people who ordinarily thrives off of three full meals daily (I’ve been known to get a tad hangry at times). It was also fairly tasty though, to be honest, I might up the sweetness ratio just a bit next time!

I think a glass of fresh nutritious juice would make a lovely breakfast option, and plan to employ it as such over the coming weeks. After all, is there any other way that you can pack THIS MANY nutrients into a morning meal?


I will keep you posted on my progress, but I fear I might have switched to the dark side (the dark green side, that is). What are your thoughts on juicing? Do you have any recipe ideas? Let me know! :)

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2 thoughts on “Booster Juice

  1. Shannon says:

    Roots 3 is my go to juice! I usually add in carrots to it as well though :) SO glad you mentioned focusing on veggies and only adding minimal fruits for taste. I’ve seen many people making juices with TONS of fruit – and yeah sure it tastes great but you’re kind of missing the point when you’re just using it to consume sugar lol. Love myself a good green monster drink in the morning. I’ve asked for a juicer for Christmas as well!

    • Nicole Krysa says:

      I’m going to try adding carrots next time! Yes, the fruit juices are definitely tasty but at that point I feel like you might as well just go have a piece of chocolate! Haha..maybe they’re not that bad, but you get the point ;) I hope you wind up getting that juicer you asked for!

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