Cold Weather, Hot Body Playlist


 This month I am doing some tough workouts to tone up for my December vacation, and have created a playlist full of high energy songs to keep me going in this dreary Canadian weather. If you are anything like me you probably have a great deal of “guilty pleasure” songs that you reserve solely for the domain of fitness. These songs are perhaps not the most credible on the trendy music scene, but they certainly get you moving! With that being said: here is my guilty-pleasure-gets-you-moving-playlist for the month of November!

Work B___h – Britney Spears – Who better than the comeback queen herself to chime about working hard for your successes? This is the perfect song to put you in the right mindset for a gruelling workout.

Push It – Salt N Pepa – A little sexy, a little cheesy, and a lot of fun. I love this song!

Sexy B___h – David Guetta ft. Akon – Anybody who knows me well knows that this is my ultimate guilty pleasure song. I can’t help but dance when it plays in a club!

Do What You Want – Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly – Lady Gaga’s latest hit has a super cool beat.

Con Locura – Sua ft. Jiggy Drama – I have been listening to a tonne of Spanish songs lately. They are almost always high energy, and help me envision myself vacationing somewhere exotic (talk about motivation)!

Dance With Me – 112 – Not Justin Timberlake, but it sounds a great deal like him!

Reflektor – Arcade Fire – This Canadian band always delivers the goods, and they recently announced that people will have to wear formal attire for their upcoming tour (awesome).

Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna – Who isn’t addicted to this song right now?

Vamos a la Playa – Miranda – Guilty pleasure, one hit wonder, Spanish, fits the bill!

Lovumba – Daddy Yankee – See “Con Locura”.

Goodbye – Glenn Morrison ft. Islove – This song has been stuck in my head all week, and I found out the name just in time to include it here!

Capable – KO – This song has made the cut multiple times. It has a cool “I don’t care” attitude, perfect for pumping some iron.

Madness – Muse – I always have to throw some Muse into the mix. I think this is my favourite song of theirs yet.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons – I’m even more into their latest hit “Demons”, however, this song has a great tempo for working out. I usually save it for toward the end, when I’m doing some core or need an extra push when I’m finishing up my weights.

Midnight City – M83 – For whatever reason this song brings with it a sense of closure in my mind. I love it for finishing a long run on a high note, or doing some dynamic stretching right at the end of my workout.

That’s all. Hopefully I introduced you to something new, or reminded you of something you’ve forgotten! What are your ultimate “guilty pleasure” workout songs? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Cold Weather, Hot Body Playlist

  1. Great playlist!! Came across your blog, & I’m loving it.

    Mattie Claire

  2. Kristen Foerster says:

    A few more you might want to add!

    Burn – Ellie Goulding
    I need your love – Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding
    All night – Icona Pop

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